• Personal


    (Face to Face or online)

    Starting from

    210 GBP

    Do you hate shopping and want to save time and money?


    Do you still wear your former college sweatshirt or your tight skirt of twenty years ago? 


    Do you always shop with a couple of friends and buy the same clothes, even though you have very different personalities and complexions?

    Do you love shopping and can't spend a day without browsing online or popping to one of your favourite shop, while your wardrobe is so full you can barely open it?

    It may be time for you to discover your own taste and your unique clothing style...


    You will save a lot of time and money if you ask for the help of a professional.


    You will also have a more rewarding shopping experience and enjoy its outcome for a long time! 


    The personal shopping experience usually comes after your colour and style consultations (as well as your wardrobe audit). It is when everything comes together and you discover the new you through outfits and accessories that combine all the characteristics we identified during our journey together.


    The traditional personal shopping experience takes place in a commercial area suitable for both of us and within two hours you can go home with a list of items to purchase later (or purchased).The current trend is online personal shopping, which saves you even more time and enables you to keep working from home or staying with your family. In this case, I do all the online resarch then shares with you several boards of outfits/accessories that you can then buy on internet.

    Let's make shopping a fun and efficient experience that allows you to save money and look fabulous in your new clothes.

  • Wardrobe


    Starting from

    210 GBP

    Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?


    Most people only wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time because they lack time, interest or expertise to know what really suits them.

    The wardrobe audit usually comes after the colour and style consultations. It enables you to put into practice what we have discovered together about your styling needs.


    We will have an analytic look at your wardrobe, identifying what suits you, which clothes to keep, which clothes to alter and which clothes to give away. 


    You will learn how to make the most of your existing wardrobe and think of new combinations. In this audit, we will probably make lots of space, surely give a new order to your existing wardrobe and pinpoint the few new items you need to cleverly complement what you already have.


    Let us create together a new wardrobe that is easy to use!

    It will give you confidence, while freeing up your space and your time .

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