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Conquering your chromophobia

I'm often asked how to wear colour and where to start. Well, why not start small? You can inject colour through the use of accessories; a red bag for example, which can really lift a monochrome outfit.

Remember dark doesn't have to mean black. Damson, Pine, Chocolate and Purple will all add interest to an outfit, but make sure the colour that you choose is the right one for you.

Detail is a good way to add colour to your outfit but it doesn't have to be full-on. The tapered stripe down a trouser leg for example. Subtle but interesting. And don't forget print which is always an easy-win. Wear a different shade of lipstick. There's a red for everyone and when you've found yours, it can't fail to brighten up your day.

I am your colour experts, so get in touch today and let me show you, your very best shades and how to wear them to suit your own style personality.


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