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Sassy lips

Your lipstick is probably the biggest game changer in your make-up bag. Wearing the right shade can elevate your whole look by several notches. You'll look put together even if you're not! Always start with a primer that will control 'feathering' and help to keep the lipstick in place. Try the Colour Me Beautiful eye and lip base (a double-use product).

If you wear a lip pencil, colour in the whole of the lips, so you're not left with an ageing line when your lipstick wears off. You can also play around with different colour lip liners; go deeper to add intensity to your lipstick. Or use a pencil two or three shades darker than your lipstick to add fullness at the bow and middle of the bottom lip.

Finally, choose a lipstick shade that compliments your colouring. Here are my favourite shades right now:

Lights: Red Velvet (to cheer up the darkest of days)

Deeps: Mahogany (as mysterious and deep as you)

Warms: Spiced Peach (a fresh new colour for a new year)

Cools: Soft Mauve (with a pinky-purple hue)

Clears: Cerise (because you can)

Softs: Chiffon (the perfect nude)


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